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About AGTI

   GTI is a government technical Institute. Scientist in marketing industry in Burmese. It is under the Department of Technical and Vocational and Training Education, Ministry of Education.
   The GTI School was recently implemented in 1951. You will have studied for 3 years to complete the school curriculum. There are fully 3 academic years to complete the school curriculum. In 1998, the educational transition period was a two-year period and therefore GTI Schools are not particularly implemented at that time. However, in 2014, GTI Schools are particularly implemented. There are altogether 25 schools across the country, including 3 GTC Schools and 22 GTI schools.
   By standard, every school runs academic sessions for three years, and a monthly stipend is also provided for every students during this session. If a student fails the exam, he will not get it. When he pass the exam, he gets it again. It means that he won’t get his stipend fee in his failure.
   Ten percent of students from schools in the country who are considered to be qualified and outstanding are sent to GTU schools every year to attend and study there. The TU entrance bridge or this chance is still alive. These students is granted to attend by the authorization or full permission of the Institute. Permission is granted to obtain a designated opportunity. This chance is for outstanding students so that every student should try hard to grasp this opportunity. However, for the student who miss this chance, there is also a gift that they will be given Diplomas Certificates if they successfully completed the school curriculum for 3 years and finished an internship in their particular fields for 3 months. If not, they won’t get any Diplomas.
   The courses taught at GTI schools are Civil Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Technology Engineering, and Industrial Training Engineering (Insein). (All these courses are not in every school ,and in some schools, there are only two or three courses because they are opened these courses according to their local requirements.)
   GTI students are outstanding ones who come from GTHS schools and SMVTI schools with good qualifications, and have passed the matriculation exam.
   The students who have passed the matriculation exam can apply for entering in GTI schools according to the total marks by combining two subjects; English and Mathematics. Depending on their marks, they will get their preference subjects because their majors are divided by their total marks. Generally, there are 40 students in a single major. Their roll numbers are hierarchically graded by their marks. Therefore, we can easily guess their marks by looking their roll numbers. For example, if a student is allowed to enter in school with Roll-1, he has the highest marks in that school, and if he is Roll-40, he has the lowest marks. However there is no definite marks to apply for it and it is changing from year to year. Because the entry marks rely on the number of students and their marks. In every school, it will not accept no more than 40 students for each major. Thus, some students with a little lower marks who are not allowed to enter to school can apply for any schools where are not full in limited number of students (i.e less than 40 students in a single major). Every student have to attend in schools where they enter until their courses are completed. But their parents are government staffs, their school transfer may be considered.
   The student who are passed with good qualification from Government Technical High School (GTHS) are chosen according to the rules and policy of Government Technical Institute (GTI). Typically, the entrance of GTI is usually published or announced on October.

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