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Civil Department

    Civil engineering is a professional subject. This course convers the design, construction, and maintenance of bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

Basic subjects of the Department of Civil Engineering

   By learning surveying, you will able to use it in building measurements, distance measurements, punctures, ground level measurements and tunnel measurements.

By learning Estimate, you will able to estimate the cost of construction work and make detailed calculations.

By learning Civil Engineering Drawing, you can understand the buildings of Details Drawing.

By learning Design of Concrete Structure, you can be installed on poles, caps , floors , and footings of buildings.

By learning Workshop subject, students are trained to master and use the tools used in carpentry and masonry.

   Therefore, those who have completed 3 years of civil engineering training will be able to pursue a career as skilled workers who can assists in future construction work in PUTAO.

               Teachers in Civil Department

1Daw War War LynnLecturerB.E(Civil)
2Daw Thwe ThweAssistant LecturerB.E(Civil)
3Daw Thandar WinAssistant LecturerAGTI(Civil)
(B.E Training)
4Daw Ei Kay KyuTutorM.E(Civil)
5Daw Ei Zar Chi Win
6Daw Taq Pu Nin DangLaboratory Expert (4)AGTI(Civil)
7Daw Kay Thwe MoeLaboratory Expert (4)AGTI(Civil)