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Electrical Power Department

The main purpose of the Electrical Power

   The main purpose of the Electrical Power(EP) subject is to generate electricity, sending and distributing. Electricity plays a main role in human beings. We use a lot of electricity in our daily lives. Light energy needed by human beings; it converts heat and mechanical energy into electrical energy. Therefore, this subject is taught.
   We have to study for 3years to get a certificate A.G.T.I (EP) Diploma. The school year is divided into two parts. There are 60% theory and 40% practical. At the end of each school year, first and second year students go on a one_month field trip. Third year students are required to complete a three_month internship.

Job Opportunity

   If you get a A.G.T.I (EP) Diploma, you will be able to work in engineering departments in various ministries and engineering department in factories.

         Teachers in Electrical Power Department

1Daw Kyu Kyu ThinLecturerB.E(EP)Q
2Daw Si Si SeinAssistant LecturerB.E(EP)
3Daw Thiri Thazin HninAssistant LecturerB.E(EP)
4Daw Win Win PhyoAssistant LecturerM.E(EP)
5Daw Yin Yin KhaingAssistant LecturerM.E(EP)
6U Kaung SarTutorB.E(EP)
7Daw Khan Htee Nang RamTutorB.E(EP)
8U Gum Ring Dee AungLaboratory Expert (4)AGTI(EP)
9Daw Kam Lwan SaraLaboratory Expert (4)AGTI(EP)

               Images of School Activities

1။ Repetitive Operation System

   Repetitive Operation System is one of the sequence operating repetitive operating motor control system(step by step). Traffic Light, Water Fountain, etc; are using this repetitive operation system.

2။ Electrical Estimating Subject Sharing to Third Year

3။ Repairing of an Electric Pan from Home Appliances

  Repairing of an Electric Pan from Home Appliances are taught to first year students online.

4။ Series and Parallel Operations of Resistor

   Testing lesson of Series and Parallel Operations of Resistor are shared to second year students via online by using Basic Electrical Training System Board.