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Electrical Power

Subjects taught in the first year course:

  1. Basic Electricity
  2. Basic Analog Electronic

Basic Electricity _ Learn the basics of electricity , voltage current and electric equipment.

Basic Analog Electronic _ Learn Basic Analog Electronic, AC and DC Supply, Diodes and Application, Logic Gate.

Teaching aids required for the first year course:

  • AC & DC Power Supply
  • Resistors, Capacitor, Diodes
  • Multimeter (Analog & Digital )
  • Project Board

Subjects taught in the second year course:

  1. Electrical Wiring Design and Illumination
  2. Electrical Machine
  3. Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  4. Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis

Electrical Wiring Design and Illumination _ to be able to choose wire sizes, enables you learn how to calculate lighting, learn about earthing systems and choose breaker sizes.

Electrical Machine _ Understand the structure and operation of Electrical Machine-Generator and Motor and connect two generators to see how they work.

Generation, Transmission and Distribution _ step by step to produce energy ,how to convert the resulting energy into electrical energy . Learn how to generate and distribute electrical energy.

Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis _ Learn about Method of Analysis၊ Bridge Networks and Delta-Wye Conversation၊ Network Theorems. Teach about AC Power and Resonance in EECA  subject.

Teaching aids required for the second year course:

  • NI Card
  • Virtual Bench
  • Computer
  • Multimeter 
  • Conduit Pipe
  • Trunking
  • Wires

Subjects taught in the third year course:

  1. Electrical Estimating
  2. Electrical Machine
  3. Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  4. Electrical Safety and Protection
  5. Industrial Motor Control

Electrical Estimating _ equipment and cost estimation required for wiring installation, calculating unit cost, and calculating unit rate.

Electrical Machine _ To know how to use Electrical Machine-Motor Connection and Transformer Connection.

Generation,Transmission and Distribution _in a power supply system, to understand the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, learn about cables used in transmission system.

Electrical Safety and Protection _ how the human body can withstand electricity ; learn how to prevent electric shock.

Industrial Motor Control _ Push buttons, sensor, magnetic contactor, over load relay, timer, relay, etc. We learn the basics and symbols of them. Ladder diagrams of Direct on line, Forward/ Reverse motor control, Sequence motor control, Star/Delta motor control. Drawing power circuit and Wiring diagram , we also teach operating systems. In PLC Subject, Direct on line, Forward / Reverse motor control, Sequence motor control, Star/ Delta motor control, etc. You will learn how to write computer programming circuits for operating systems.

For third year, teaching materials needed for practical teaching:

  • Magnetic Contactor
  • Overload Relay
  • Timer, Push, Buttons, Pilot lamps
  • Motor
  • PLC Trainer Board
  • Computer
  • Aluminum Rail, Trail
  • Transformer Core and Coil

               Course and Class time

Class time    (01:00) hour
One day class time    (7)times
One week class time    (35)times
One year of study week (36) weeks (includes exam and private study)

Grading System

  1. Exam Marks (81-100) Grade-A
  2. Exam Marks (61-80) Grade-B
  3. Exam Marks (41-60) Grade-C
  4. Exam Marks (21-40 Grade-D
  5. Exam Marks (0-20) Grade-E